Registration Terms & Conditions

These are our
terms and cond
registration ter

Oh wow, this is awkward…

We didn’t think anyone was really going to read our terms for creating an account.

This is the place where we’re supposed to bore you half to death with a bunch of legal stuff that you may or may not even understand. We’re supposed to show you a huge wall of text that’s so long, you don’t even bother reading it and just agree.

Let’s keep it simple. There are no ‘special terms’ to creating an account with us.

Here are the ACTUAL things you will be agreeing to:

We will know your email address, and we may send you information regarding promotions and special deals

You will not abuse our rewards system, and if you do, we will know (and we will take them from you)

We will protect your personal information, and never share it with anyone else – it’s just between you and us

This agreement is considered verbal, and shall be adhered to in good faith. It may or may not have any legal consequence but we promise to be good hosts and treat you the way we’d like to be treated. We hope you’ll do the same.